ACRYLIC WORLD was established in year 2008, a company specializing in acrylic-based Point-Of -Purchase (POP) displays for all kinds of Fast Moving Consumable Goods (FMCG).

With the strong support from our manufacturing associated company who has become one of China leading Acrylic Fabrication Company, we could deliver to you RoSH,CE,SGS Certified acrylic based POP displayed product.

ACRYLIC WORLD is able to supply all types of POP displays made of plastic materials such as Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Steel and Wood materials to our customers all over the world. Our production capacity consist of full range of machineries and great skilled labour are always available to fulfil all our customer's custom made Point of Purchase (POP) display designs, needs and wants. Our full range of machines and skilled labour can cut by using laser machine and router, shape, glue, bend by skilled labour to form acrylic sheet to an unique POP display. We believe we are able to produce any innovative custom acrylic POP display, ranging from conventional counter to special dedicated showcase displays.

With an established manufacturer support in providing professional acrylic fabrication expertise coupled with our established market experiences and technical capabilities, we have built our reputation as a reliable acrylic expertise, which had ensured our customers satisfaction since year 2008. Our experienced and skilled production teams and engineers have the capability to meet tight deadlines if required while maintaining superior quality to produce good POP displayed finished products. In order to improve our acrylic POP displays quality, we have constantly worked together with multiple material vendors in ensuring superior materials quality and always keep updated with the rapid development of new acrylic fabrication technology.